The Simple Reasons Behind the Halloween Slutwear

In his article about why girls dress like whores on Halloween, Gildin suggests that it’s because this holiday, unlike others, isn’t a family holiday, and it also doesn’t have a religious connotation. Thus, anything goes. How vanilla of him to provide that kind of explanation.

The real reason women dress like sluts on Halloween, at least here in SF, is two-fold:

1. Girls love to dress slutty but they need some reason – any reason – to do that.

If it wasn’t for yoga, yoga pants and tights would be an utter obscenity. Just about any event turns into a slut-central: from Bay to Breakers, Love Fest, Gay Pride, to any neighborhood fair, St. Patrick’s Day, and Bastille Day to name a few. A girl just need some reason, however trivial it might be, to look like a hooker. Is it Friday/Sat night? Time to slut it up. Going to a bar or a club? You better look the part, or you will feel under-dressed.

Similarly, the female kind has figured out that Halloween can be used as an excuse to dress up, so why not dress up like the sluts that they either are or they wished they could be, or they wished there was a guy special enough to make them want to be.

2. Herd mentality

A typical thought process of a young girl, new to the party scene: “Since so many girl dress like sluts on Halloween, why shouldn’t I? I better do the same, or I will feel excluded from all the fun.”


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