Hypocrisy about Sugar Daddies in the Cloud Goes Viral

I can’t help but love this article about carrot dating by Ms. Grant. Why? Because this exemplifies in the most classic manner, the typical hypocrisy and reluctance the recognize the undeniable nature of dating and sexual dynamics between the sexes.

First, how and at what point of reading this article do you know that it’s written by an ultra-feminist (feminatzi), who is in denial of what both men and women, or at least many of them, want? I say, at the time you read the word “disgusting” in the article title. Right then and there you know that the author is going to put no effort into trying to understand why sugar daddy dating websites work, and she will just do whatever it takes to slam them from every possible angle.

She starts her rhetoric with “Women are like dogs. At least according to the founder of Carrot Dating, Brandon Wade.” 

Contrary to what the writer suggests, Mr. Wade is not entirely wrong. Some women (and men) are a lot like dogs, not to mention the fact that it’s not such a bad thing being compared to a dog.

Not being in denial about being caught in a feminist rage, she goes on:

“Wade is the founder of series of well-known creepy, shallow dating sites for horrible people — SeekingArrangement.com, an online dating website for sugardaddies and sugarbabies; WhatsYourPrice, an online dating auction; andSeekingMillionaire.com, a millionaire matchmaking website.”

Ms. Grant, shallow and creepy or not, it gets a lot of traffic, which means there is a demand for it from both the male and the female side. Love it or hate it – it’s what it is, and there is nothing you can do about it, however noble your intentions might be. If you find that creepy, why don’t you walk into Kokkari, Town Hall, RN74 or any of the other “upscale” restaurant and tell this to all the overdressed, overconfident middle age guys, and desperate-housewife-look-a-like women at a bar, who show way too much skin than they should. Perhaps it’s time to ban rich guys from socializing with women with entitlement mentality who believe they deserve nothing less than the most expensive drink, purse, and jewelry, among other things.

“Bribes, apparently, help spark romance and get a foot in the door. Or as the case may be, a hand in the pants.”

That’s right. It always has and it always will be the case, and the higher the cost of living is and the more demanding the jobs are, the greater the temptation for women will be to seek comfort and shelter (literally and figuratively speaking) from the male leaders of the financial pack.

“A man buying a woman a meal is hardly unusual, or even sexist. But the notion that she is only going on the date for the free food is.” 

But… darling, dinner whores are so common this day and age. Many of them say that going out with a guy who most likely is going to bore them to death is a waste of time so the least they deserve is an ice mean. I kind of see how they would feel that way, and it’s hard to blame them. Most of us guys are indeed sooooo damn boring. If a juicy steak and a glass of fine wine can be a distraction to a mundane, mind-numbing chatter, then be it.

Boston Magazine reported that 30,000 users have already signed up for the app. Who are these people, and what is wrong with them? I hope it’s just morbid curiosity.”  

Ahhh…. I see “users” not “site visitors”, so this “curiosity” is not about checking the site but actually using it. I hope that you, Ms. Grant, find this all the more mortifying.

The author ends her pseudo essay on gender justice with a calling for social change.

“What is not acceptable is the glorification and codification of chauvinism.”  

No, dear – it’s just recognizing reality and working to profit from it in the most legitimate manner. No one forces either men or women to sign up, and all the men who don’t need to bribe women and all the women who have too much pride (and money) to care for sites like that have plenty of options of meeting people, and they don’t need to come anywhere near the sugardaddy websites. And they won’t. Mark my word.


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