Truth Strikes Again and Hurts So Badly

The Scum Manifesto is an extreme and an extremely painful treatise to read which takes feminism and hate toward men to a whole new level. Reading it has shocked even me – the self proclaimed hater. And yet, like in just about any other literature which I don’t support, I get to find a few jams worth sharing and contemplating especially when they are as true as this one:

“Love can’t flourish in a society based upon money and meaningless work: it requires complete economic as well as personal freedom, leisure time and the opportunity to engage in intensely absorbing, emotionally satisfying activities which, when shared with those you respect, lead to deep friendship. Our “society” provides practically no opportunity to engage in such activities.”   

You can use your own imagination an experience of living and working in SF in order to see how much the above applies to the state of dating & romantic affairs in our city.


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