Fidi Detox

Fidi DetoxOne sultry lady I know, whose personality is as distinguished as her curvy physique, came up with a brilliant term that was inspired by her layoff – Fidi Detox.  After holding a run-of-the-mill recruiter position at a start-up with highly questionable future, and feeling like a miserable interviewing machine telling me all about how she has been ready to quit ever since she start working there, she was really shocked and upset for about a day or so after being laid off. However, just a two-three days later the difference in her demeanor and energy is incredible. Every day she doesn’t work downtown she looks much happier, and after a week of not having to commute on Bus 1 for over 30 minutes each way, she is glowing from happiness. She no longer has to carry two cellphones or check her e-mail every 2 minutes, as if she had some kind of OCD.

She calls her current life a Fidi Detox. She is committed to not stepping her foot into a financial district for a while, unless absolutely necessary. This should help her rejuvenate her mind and soul, and take a break from finance/law posers, start-up geeks, bland, overpriced lunches, and mediocre looking, overdressed corporate women glued to their cellphones with white headphones and sunglasses.

She recognized that this is a temporary blessing and that soon she will have to return to corporate slavery, which makes present time all the more special.


2 thoughts on “Fidi Detox

  1. I think it’s safe to say that feminism and high powered jobs kill female sex drive. Being too long in the fidi surrounded by castrated men and suffocated by concrete will slowly suck any sensual woman’s soul.

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