More and More Women in San Francisco Sound as Manly as Miley Cyrus

M. Cyrus surely has a beautiful voice when she sings, but if you hear her talk… it scary to see that a woman who is that attractive can have a voice that’s repugnant to femininity at its core. Seacrest might not have meant anything by asking Cyrus “Wassup dude?” in the beginning of the interview below, but it’s also possible that he subconsciously perceives her to be a dude at least in some ways. He isn’t that far off, considering her less than lady-like “Just chilling” response.

Just walk around downtown SF, and you will hear plenty of women who sound just like Cyrus or even more manly. I don’t blame them for something they don’t have a control over, but I do blame for being so naive and clueless as to think that sounding manly makes them cool or attractive. If you have a soft, feminine, higher pitched voice and you live in SF, consider yourself one of the few, the lucky, and the more attractive.


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