Victory Dance After Breaking Away from Tech Start-Up Slavery

Watch how one girl celebrates resigning from her tech, start-up job, where she apparently has been slaving away day and night for a few years. One can only wonder how much damage that job did to her psyche and mental balance, and only God knows how many wonderful evenings of yoga, movies, dates and sex it took away from her.  This video is a great example that when you focus on quality and not the views, you actually get a lot of views. This video already has 12m views and counting. The execution is awesome, but the idea is brilliant. Perhaps this video will be an inspiration to all those ultra-feminists and other women damaged by the (over)industrialized world, to reevaluate their priorities in life and ask themselves whether that stupid performance review they are looking forward to receiving so eagerly, or a bigger office or that power-point presentation they are about to make is as important as their boss makes it sound.  Perhaps they will finally accept that what makes men happy, doesn’t necessarily make women happy; what makes men tired, makes women exhausted, and what makes men unhappy, is likely to make a woman downright miserable and lethargic about what really matters.


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