A Dumped Girl Roasted After Trying to Trash the Guy who Dumped Her

I haven’t seen a blog posting with more hateful comments that this one. Have you?


If you are too tired, too lazy or have better things to do with your life than reading hundreds of comments on that posting, here are a few highlights below, which make me feel a little better about judging and hating, since these comments clearly show that I am not alone, to say the very least:

“I dated a girl just like you once — a sassy, fashion-obsessed, party girl bitch that thought the world owed her something because of her skewed perception of her own appearance and her rich daddy. You seem crazy. Maybe this dude read your blog and realized how narcissistic you are…but I’m sure he picked up on that in the first 5 minutes of talking to you. Girls like you are the kind that guys don’t want to date because it requires way too much energy to keep up with dealing with a girl who thinks she’s God’s gift to the male population. You are a booty call because it seems like the only time you are tolerable is when drunk. Especially since you aren’t even that attractive. A girl who is a perfect 10 could MAYBE get away with this, and even then most guys wouldn’t want to deal with her, but when you’re a 5 or a 6, you don’t stand a chance. “Happily single” is just a mask for “I can’t find a guy to tolerate my ‘fabulous life’ for more than a drunken, hazy weekend.” 

“Kill yourself, you annoying, self-righteous, egotistical, cynical, overweight, feministic, waste of food and space. Your life means nothing to anyone, and you wonder why.
I am so happy for the man that got away. He dodged the bullet with you. Also, I HIGHLY doubt that his employers received your images.
too long; didn’t read version (so your little mind can comprehend it) kill yourself you stupid cunt.”

“I can’t decide if you are stupid enough to have engineered and contrived this train wreck, in an effort to “publicize” your otherwise vacuous life, or if you truly are as shallow, bitchy and contemptuous as you sound. Either way, you have clearly won the title of this week’s biggest loser. Maybe you can console yourself–and your 125 close friends–by eating some more birthday cake, or you can just get a spatula, and apply it directly to your thighs, since that appears to be its destination under any circumstances.

Maybe you and your weigh- watchers-group-meeting of a “staff,” can sit around and justify your infantile rant, and your childish response to events that just happen in life. You are such a catch, that after all of this exposure, you might be able to get a date again, in Afghanistan, as long as you are wearing a burqa. If this was a joke, it backfired; if it wasn’t, well then you are even dumber than I gave you credit for, and I gave you a lot of credit.

You don’t need a filter. You need a brain to put a filter in.”

“wow. what an absurdly histrionic reaction to gentle honesty. rants like the one you sent that man, exemplify everything that is wrong with people today, and what projection! your response clearly indicates how self-aggrandizing you are, not the other way around. ‘ah bloo bloo bloo, i have two books published, how could anyone not want me!?’, ‘ah bloo bloo, i was rejected after a couple of casual dates, time to try and ruin someone’s life’. what vindictive trash you are.”

“Who wants some ping pong fish head Asian noodle face with a slangy eyed snatch anyway? She should be doing two dolla sucky sucky bang bang in a dark alley in Chinatown, not butt raping stand up dudes on the Internet. Honestly, you need to take your fat pan head self over to the east river and jump in.”

“If anyone doubted that feminism is really a mental disease this is your proof that it is. On top of that, looked up photos of Pu pronounced (poo) and noticed she always wears loose fitting dresses, found one pic with her in some shirt and of course she has a gut, who ever heard of a fat asian chick with a gut? The only thing I can think of while reading that book long text message reply that she sent that guy is “how many sit ups could this slob have done in that same amount of time?” I think shes upset because she understands that she’s really only pump and dump material and on top of that a horrible disgusting person.”



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