Lululemon Too Sheer Pants

The Lululemon recall of pants that were too sheer was a mistake. Instead of taking off the shelves that which every girl has been waiting for, they should have used it as an opportunity to give women what they want and capitalize on that. Making the yoga pants more sheer, or preferably see-through is the next logical step in the evolution of the I-need-to-look-like-a-slut-when-I-work-out fashion. I honestly hope that the recall wasn’t due to the customers’ complaints, as no girl, as ditzy and hypocritical she might be, should not be complaining about something she wanted so badly all along.

Making thinner pants for Lululemon should be analogous to Apple going from I-Phone 4 to I-Phone 5. Minor differences that don’t require much investment or innovation, but good enough compel the San Francisco female herd to stand in line to get it.


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