First Date Advice for Girls – Lose Your Damn Cellphone

Don’t just not use it. Don’t have it out. Just pretend you don’t own one. Even though you have been carrying your cellular inhaler around wherever you go for years now, compulsively checking it every 40 seconds, I promise you that you will be ok, if you don’t check it for two hours. And it’s ok not to reach for it, when the guy goes to the restroom. It’s perfectly appropriate to sit with your legs crossed and mindlessly stare into the wall or ceiling or eavesdrop on nearby conversations,¬†wait for him to return patiently.

Your friends, who are waiting to hear from you, will be ok, especially if you are responsible enough to make plans with them in advance so that you don’t need to worry about sending last minute updates.

Sure, your date might not be worth your undivided attention, but you will never know, unless you put that smartphone of yours back in your Michael Kors purse, and for a change, focus fully on your company in as much as your ADD allows you to.


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