Middle Eastern Restaurants Succumb to the Cold, Sterile All-Glass Look

I was hoping that the middle eastern restaurants were not going to degrade themselves to the all-glass design and decor and they will continue distinguishing themselves by offering a warmer and more laid back vibe with more wood, rugs, flowers, and loungy music. After all, if Arabic/Turkish cafes are going to start looking like Prospect, Salthouse, Perbacco, and alike, they might as well start serving food, which is just as cold, sterile, flavorless and overpriced…

Don’t get me wrong – I agree with all the Yelpers who say that Machka is an excellent Turkish restaurant. I just don’t like how it has adopted that obnoxious, “white” all-glass look, including those outdoor glass tables. But then again, considering the location, they have to cater to the same douchebag crowd like all the others do.

machka restaurant


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