The Feminist Handshake on the Front Page of the WSJ Today

Today, the front page of the Wall Street Journal talks about the male/female student issues at the Harvard Business School. The pictures captures the handshake of the school’s dean and one of the more successful female students-  Brooke Boyarsky. Look at her face her stance and the way she leans in to shake the dean’s hand. Everything about it screams “I am a man”. If Ms. Boyarsky is a lesbian, this would be perfectly understandable.  If she isn’t, we should pity her. But then again, given the environment where she is in, why would we expect anything else. Sadly (for guys), many of these women end up settling in San Francisco hoping to fulfill their dream of getting that corner office on Montgomery, and do whatever it takes to get there.

Feminism at Harvard Business School


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