Digging Under the Surface is a Buzz Kill in San Francisco

I have noticed very soon after coming to this country that talking about anything meaningful, controversial or painful is not cool during your off-work hours, however interesting and important it might be, because everyone just wants to have a “good time” – i.e. drinking, watching stupid movies and trashy mainstream shows. In the vast majority of social situations, you should be staying away from anything serious, and you should just stick to small talk, compliments, and nonsense, such as weather, travel, food, and other things that don’t really matter.

If you bring up anything serious with your friends, you are not cool and they will likely want to avoid you in the future. If you talk about anything serious on a date, to most people you will come across as not cool or weird, or you will be immediately thrown into a friends zone.

Talking a lot without saying anything is an art that the people in SF have mastered. This skill both masks and suppresses what’s left of their genuineness.

Floating above the surface in our interactions with each other is the kind of superficiality that we should be concerned about more and sooner. Flashy cars, overpriced restaurants, and vulgar fashion can wait till later.  As of now, I will be eagerly waiting till being stupid goes out of style.


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