Dining is Not a Hobby

dining decadence gluttony san franciscoDining is not a hobby.

Spending two hours on Yelp to find a “cool” restaurant to go to is not time well spent.

Talking just about what’s in front of you on your plate while eating, is not a meaningful conversation.

Standing an hour or longer to get breakfast on Sunday morning is a major waste of time, no matter how good those pancakes they serve might be.

Asking someone who returned from traveling overseas about how the food was should not be the first or the second question you ask them about their trip.

Calling yourself a foodie is not a compliment to yourself.

Spending $30 or more on an entree is not money well spent, no matter what kind of exotic beef or fish they throw on your plate.

Saying “I live to eat” is tantamount to saying that you don’t have a life.

Eating out at different ethnic restaurants makes you neither open-minded nor cool.

Exclaiming OMG after you taste something – after you taste anything, is not an appropriate response. It might be good but it’s not that good. It’s just food.

Food is great. It’s our primal, basic need and it goes without saying that we need food to sustain our physical and emotional well being. However, the moment we put food on a pedestal and start treating dining as some kind of religion, we have a problem – we reach a very low and shameful level of human decadence and allow the evil of gluttony fill our void and dilute or daily boredom in all the wrong ways.


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