Five Objective Reasons Why San Francisco Women are So Flaky

san francisco women flakeThere are five compelling reasons why the women in San Francisco are so damn flaky:

1. Women Flake Because They Are Too Busy

The women in San Francisco are way too busy and stressed out by their jobs, high cost of living, and the pressure to prove themselves to the world, their friends and their parents. That stress is obvious. Just go and stand on Montgomery and look at the women who walk by. Do they look like they are into stopping, smelling flowers and noticing the guys around, or do they look like they are trying to do everything they can to appear busy and unapproachable? – All that work that is required to prove that you can make it, virtually kills their libido. A woman who is obsessed with meeting clients, getting a promotion, and receiving a good performance review, has very little time and energy left to even think about dating and sex. When the woman is too busy to even want romance and physical intimacy, she is much more likely to not follow through with talking to any particular guy.

2. Women Flake Because They Are Overwhelmed by the Attention from Guys Online  

Being approached by a guy used to be a special occasion that didn’t happen all that often to any woman, no matter how often she said guys were trying to pick her up. It took the right time, the right place and the right guy who had the confidence needed to make a move for two people to actually meet in a casual situation, outside the world of the drunken debauchery in bars and clubs. Today,  thousands of guys who never had the balls to approach a woman in person, send messages, poke, wink and tag women on every social and dating site. This is overwhelming and  tiring to women. As a result, it trivializes any sign of male attention. Why bother and worry about calling or texting back some guy if fifty more guys will message me on OkCupid or Match this month?   What’s so special about some guy asking your e-mail inbox is filled with messages from guys who compliment you about how beautiful you are and how badly they want to meet you?

3. Women Flake Because It’s Socially Acceptable

When you girlfriends constantly change or cancel your plans with them, in becomes socially acceptable in your mind to be as flaky as they are. This behavior inevitably carries over to your dating life.

4. Women Flake Because So Many Guys Are Extremely Boring  

A woman who goes out on a date with 20 professional, nice guys, who turn out to have the same, exact boring, vanilla personality, is going to be discouraged from putting too much effort and attention into her future encounters with men. It’s hard to get excited about yet another guy asking you what you do for a living, where you are from, and how many siblings you have. When dating turns into work, the flaking grows exponentially.

5. Women Flake Because They Are Socially Conditioned to Play Hard to Get

For years, women have been advised by various dating gurus to be a “challenge”, to play hard to get and to make the guy pursue them for a while, before they reciprocate male attention. For many reasons that go beyond this article, that advise is misguided and often taken way out of context. Many women are delusional enough to think that flaking is the right way to be a challenge or play hard to get, and that not returning phone calls or canceling dates with short notice makes them more attractive and desirable to guys.

2 thoughts on “Five Objective Reasons Why San Francisco Women are So Flaky

  1. I love it!!!So true, dont forget the number 6th reason – they are literally smartphone addicts. And Im not kidding. I have experience in this area, and I can tell you they exhibit the same behaviors as that of the worst substance abusers

    • Agreed. It seems that other cities and the rest of the world aren’t all the much better, but no place seems to be quite as bad as SF. I am just waiting for this addiction to become as repulsive and rude as urinating in public one day.

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