Are White Women Really the Gold Standard in Beauty?

hot latin womanHeartiste suggests that white women are the standard in female beauty. I be to disagree. Hip hop artists and car show organizers who are known to be the biggest fans of female beauty in its most “raw” form seem to only be employing women of Latin, Middle Eastern, Asian (predominantly Filipino) and various mixed ethnicity. This is not a coincidence. These women, who act as car show models, go-go dancers, and strip dancers are known for their naturally enhanced beauty and sexuality – wider hips, bigger asses, thicker and smoother skin, fuller lips, thicker and softer hair, and bigger eyes and eye brows – these women seem to just have more overall sex appeal. Further, the fact that the non-white women are on average shorter than white women, makes them compatible with a much larger segment of a male population.

Sure, these go-go dancers, and strippers might not be the classiest women in the world, but that’s not the issue. When it comes to raw physical beauty, women of color are in the league of their own when it comes to objective attributes that make a woman more feminine, as noted above.

Show me a white woman who is a 10, and I will show you an Asian or Middle Eastern 8 who is so much hotter and sexually desirable than that Caucasian 10.

4 thoughts on “Are White Women Really the Gold Standard in Beauty?

  1. This article wreaks of jealousy. White women will always be the gold standard of beauty because generally speaking, white skin and caucasian features like the variety in hair/eye color that european caucasians have is the most desirable. Get over it. Seriously. You’re making YOURSELF look bad. Why do people feel the need to attack white women? If you were all so secure that other women are the best, then you wouldn’t have to compare us to them. It’s really that simple. Real white women don’t see ethnic women as a threat lol we just go about our day. You do understand that middle eastern/north african and MANY latinos are caucasian right? You don’t have to have “white” skin to be caucasian. White people range from pale, olive to tan and everything in between.

    • Thanks for your input. The gold standard in beauty changes from generation to generation and from culture to culture. I am well aware of what being Caucasian means as well. The article is not meant to attack or criticize anyone; it’s just an observation. But since we are already on this topic, it’s true that white women remain the gold standard for beauty when it comes to modeling, acting, etc… (not sure for how long though). However, when it comes to pure raw sexuality and femininity, they don’t measure up to Latin and Middle Eastern women. I hate to bring up porn, but there is no better indicator of what men like to look at and touch than that.

  2. Hate to burst yas bubble butts but a well known but relatively untalked about bit of trivia will let you know that the majority of porn ****s, also producers, directors, distributors are Jewish which can mean the ethnicity such as having a single or both parents with Jewish heritage , there’s also converts althoug they are usually very secular. Although there’s about 10% with ancestry from all over the Mediterranean area commonly called sephardim or misrahi the rest, the overwhelming percentage are European or Ashkenazi and I think that it’s safe to say they are Caucasians even though they might deny it just on principle meaning just to be ornery cusses but in truth will fit in comfortably wherever they go, as should we all. A better way to look at this is another essay trying your hand at communicating what exactly is sexy, it might be a bit longer than just bigg butts &bigg bboobbs(I’m seeing double just thinking of them) sexy is found in skinny girls, redboned girls,thick,fat,curvy,voluptuous,smoky eyes,bedroom eyes, it’s all colours as long as they have that glow of health, long beautiful hair but a girl who has no hair but can pull off sexy can do anything ,sexy is smart, it’s a bright light in the eyes that tells you someone’s is at the controls in charge of all the senses , a heart full of love and warmth and she’s your equal in every way and superior in some. A sexy woman makes a man feel blessed to be in her presence and honored to be noticed. It may be possible to share a little, to impart a bit of style &grace sexuality & maybe even class through the toys for the mind and libido that all the forms of media provide but a man will miss out on truly living and women sell themselves too short to think that videos,magazines,pornos or such will ever reveal more than a shadow of the whole package that contains the passion that is the spirit of a woman that provokes men to dismantle mountains looking for a pretty object to gain her favor, to attain incredible feats of the mind and body for as much as a simple smile to show her approval. Ladies, are you listening? I can still remember the fragrance of her hair, I jump to attention if I anything reminds me of her scent, it brings back memories of the way her eyes sparkled when she smiled, her sweet laughter, sweet skin, sweet lips and sweet everything. It’s like this for me, it’s a potpourri of scents, a collage of faces and a symphony made of the sweet nothings and declarations of love that soothed me when whispered that tickled as she breathed softly in my ear. What never seems to crystallize in my imagination even if I struggle to recollect details are the colours and ethnicities, of course I have the feeling of what she was like and maybe even prefer one over another because I’m only human and have limits. Do not let looks determine how others see, really see you bc in a world of 7,8,9 even 14 billion ppl of which there’s billions of cute girls personality matters more than ever. That beautiful brown girl w a vibrant charm& individuality is ahead of the game where our eyes are not seeing anything we have not seen a bunch of times and white girls need to realize that personality does indeed matter. In a world where attention span is at a premium any quality that sets you apart from the quantity is well worth announcing. Bless each other and play it cool together that might be enough to stand out in this crazy world

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