SF People Aren’t Nearly As Nice As You May Think

Being nice is more than having manners, i.e. holding doors and saying “thank you” and “please”. Being nice is about acting with class and grace in differentsituations, when being an asshole would be easier.

Nice people don’t lean on their horn for 10 seconds while cussing, when another driver cuts them off.

Nice people don’t flake on their friends and other social commitments just because they are tired or don’t feel like going somewhere.

Nice people don’t run to their boss to complain about the stupid petty stuff that their coworker does.

Nice people don’t smile when someone offends them, thereby robbing the other person of the opportunity to know that and apologize.

Nice people don’t mind being judged or called on their shit, when they may be deserving it.

Nice people don’t look miseralble on a bus on their way home from work.

Nice people don’t try to isolate themselves from the world around them with headphones, wearing sunglasses day and night, and non-stop texting.

Nice people do not walk around like their have something up their butt, discouraging others from coming up to them and talking to them.

Are we all that nice? You tell me.


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