Self-Test – Are you a San Francisco Beta?

San Francisco BetaHere is a simple self-test to determine whether you are a beta. But before we start, let’s make one thing clear – your looks, your height and your financial status are not part of this test because they have only marginal relevance to determining whether you are a beta.  There are plenty of very attractive, tall betas who also happened to be millionaires, and there are many alphas out there who are neither rich nor particularly striking physically.

Without further delay, let’s get to it:

1. Whenever there is an attractive, provocative looking girl in my site I am:

(a)  Staring at her, and checking her out without much regard for her noticing that. I am proud of my interest; not ashamed of it. I believe she should be flattered by my attention, and if she is offended – it’s her problem. (3 points)

(b) Trying to very subtly glance at her for a brief moment, because I like what I see. I don’t want her to feel offended or uncomfortable and think of me as creepy. (2 points)

(c) Checking out girls is inappropriate. I might try to make an eye contact with her, but I would never want to objectify her by checking out any parts of her body. (1 points)

2. When it comes to approaching and trying to pick up women:

(a) If there is an opportunity and I feel that my advances might be welcome, I will take action, regardless of when and where it’s happening. (3 points)

(b) I limit my approaches to my weekend outings in bars where both I and my targets are a little drunk and easier to deal with (2 points).

(c) I limit my pick-up to online dating sites and Facebook. I think approaching and trying to talk to women in person is inappropriate. (1 point).

3. On a Date

(a) I try to stay away from boring subjects that everyone else is talking about. I crack lots of sarcastic jokes, and express my opinions freely. If she doesn’t like it, too bad for her. (3 points).

(b) I try to keep things light and simple. I stay away from controversial subjects until we both feel comfortable around each other. I limit my humor to innocent jokes so that I don’t offend her. (2 points).

(c) I walk on eggshells. I follow the typical “What do you do” and “Where are you from?” script. I avoid saying anything that could remotely offend her or even cause any kind of disagreement between us. I agree with everything she says, constantly nodding, and saying things like “exactly” and “I know what you mean” and let her choose where we go on a date and what do while we are out. (0 points)

4. My stand on feminism Is:

(a) I find many aspects of feminism to be ridiculous and incompatible with the natural gender dynamics that I believe in. I will never date a woman who doesn’t believe in gender roles. I believe in equality but not in equivalence. I like to feel like a man and make a woman feel like a woman. I like girls who are sweet and kind and who don’t try to be like a guy in every way (3 points).

(b) I like girls who can be both feminine and tom-boyish when the time is right. I appreciate a woman who is independent and don’t mind if she confronts me just to remind me that I can’t control her. I don’t mind if a girl burps, spits or cusses. (2 points)

(c) I believe women should have the same exact educational and business opportunities as men do, and I would enjoy dating a very busy, professionally accomplished independent woman, who has to pencil me in a couple of weeks in advance to have a half hour lunch date with me (0 points).

5. The Girls in San Francisco Are

(a) Too bitchy looking and are too consumed with their cellphones and work which makes them less interesting and less desirable. Most girls have way too much attitude are not nearly as hot as they think they are. They are way more flaky than they should be and generally have communication, follow-through issues. (3 points).

(b) Are attractive, fun, successful, ambitious and physically active – exactly what I like and want. They are very busy, and I feel blessed when they carve out half an hour to meet up with me. (1 point).

(c) All women are wonderful, and if I cannot get along with them, it must be my fault. (0 points)

6. My job is

(a) Mostly interacting with people face to face, making presentations, sales pitches and convincing people to buy our products or services. My job often involves speaking in front of a large group of people. (3 points).

(b) Physically demanding and makes me burn lots of calories every day. (2 points)

(c) Mostly working on the computer on highly technical tasks such as coding, scientific research, etc… with very little human interaction. (1 point)

7. When it comes to food:

(a) I eat and move on with my business to the more important and interesting things (3 points).

(b) Food an dining is an important aspect of my life. I take time in selecting what and where to eat (2 points).

(c) I am a foodie. I live to eat. Food is my hobby and I won’t spare an effort or expense to at specific places just because they are good and/or hip.

8. Yelp 

(a) I never write reviews or only when I feel very strongly about a business (3 points).

(b) I sometimes write reviews. My reviews are brief and to the point (2 points)

(c) I write elaborate, detailed reviews of most restaurants, bars and other businesses that I come in contact with.

9. Facebook  

(a) I don’t have a Facebook account. (5 points).

(b) I have a Facebook account but I rarely log in, and usually only when I need to send a message or respond to someone’s message, or confirm attending or not attending a particular event (3 points).

(c) I regularly log into Facebook to keep up with my friends and post updates about my life (1 point).

(d) Facebook is my life. I spend hours every day tagging and commenting on photos and updating my status almost ever day. (o points)


Over 23 Points: You are an alpha or very close to it. You are generally a leader with some of the follower tendencies. You should be proud of yourself as you are a minority in SF and you should not let the local culture suppress your dominant nature.

20-22 Points: You are generally an alpha with subtle beta tendencies. They don’t hurt you very much but you have to make sure to keep them in check and not lean in the beta direction too much. You might have friends that are beta, but they should not be your role models.

15-19 Points: You can be alpha or a beta depending on a situation. Generally, you have a potential to lead and take charge, but you are intimidated by very attractive women. You take a lot of crap, maybe too much crap, before you decide to take action.

13-15 Points: You need to watch out. Although you are not entire beta, the signs are obvious that you are leaning in the direction of losing your manhood and turning into a byproduct of the mainstream and the mediocre.

7-12 Points: You are a certified San Francisco beta. You are tech nerd or just a nerd. You are pushover. You worship women in general and any girl who gives you attention in particular, however unattractive physically or otherwise she might be. You are unable to stand up for yourself and you will put up with a lot of shit before you explode (or go on a shooting rampage at school or a local movie theater). You might be lucky to recognize that you are beta and apply some of your natural studiousness and dedication to developing your personality to make yourself less beta.

Under 5 Points:

You are a certified San Francisco beta and more. You are in denial. You don’t think you have a problem, which means that you are an incurable troll, that everyone, including any woman, will stomp on at any opportunity.


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