Dating Advice for San Francisco Women – How Not to Be Lame Like Every Other Girl You Know

dating advice for San Francisco womenMeeting Guys

1. Stop wearing sunglasses and headphones everywhere you go. It’s lame. It doesn’t make you look cool. You need to see and hear the world and the world needs to be able to reciprocate.

2. Stop texting so much. It’s lame. Half of your texts or more are meaningless and useless. They don’t add anything to your life or the life of the recipients of your messages, but they do prevent from making eye contact with the men around you, flirting and meeting them.

3. If a guy you just met called you, don’t return his phone call with a text. It’s lame. Call him back and if he doesn’t pick up, leave a message. Relying on missed calls with someone you just met is lame and so is saying that you hate leaving messages. I thought you were a business woman. Why don’t you carry over some of those good business/phone habits into your dating life. It will do you good and will make you … less lame.

4. Don’t hate on Asian girls. Instead, learn from them how to be sweet and look interested. Guys like it. Being sweet and nice doesn’t make you desperate. Being desperate makes you desperate.

Talking on the Phone / Texting

1. Do talk on the phone. This doesn’t mean that you have to hang on the phone for hours and talk about nothing, but hearing each other’s voice is important. Limiting your communication to texting when you don’t see each other in person is lame. If you don’t like talking on the phone with the guy you started seeing, guess what – you probably don’t like him all that much.

2. Don’t send weak text message, such as “How is your day going?” and “What are you up to?” It’s lame. If you don’t have anything useful or entertaining to say, then don’t. Silence is not the worst option.

3. Return phone calls, text message and e-mails. “I was too busy” no longer works. Guys know you are glued to your phone and there is no way you didn’t see his text message for two days.

4. Don’t be a flake. It’s lame. So is canceling a date with less than 24 hour notice. It’s common courtesy and respect for your fellow human beings.

First Date

1. Don’t make it so damn hard for a guy to set up a date with you. It’s lame. If you need three weeks notice to meet for coffee/drink and you don’t travel for work, you must have serious mental or time management problems, or both. Let’s be real – you are not that busy. Your gym can wait and so is going to dinner with your girlfriends.

2. Be on time. Don’t be 5 minutes or 10 minutes late. Be where you say you will be when you say you will be. This will send a subtle but clear message that you are a woman who is serious about her life and she has expectations from herself and from others.

3. Don’t stare at the menu for too long. It’s lame. Deciding what you will drink or eat on a date is not a matter or life or death.  Hopefully you are there to see and get to know the guy; not to be the food critic.

4. Don’t ask generic, cliche questions during the first half an hour of your first date that we are all sick of hearing, such as “What do you do?” and “Where are you from?” and “Where in the city do you live?” It’s lame. Skip it. These kinds of questions can certainly wait till later.  If you are concerned about breaking the ice, talk about anything else – the movie you just saw or the book you just read, or make fun of the people who sit next to you. Anything is better than the questions that you have asked and answered a 1000 times before.

5. Lose that damn … “Tell me about yourself” pitch. It’s …. so lame.  And by the way – “What do you like to do for fun?” is not a great question either. But if you want to know the honest, universal answer that applies to all the male kind, I will give it to you: we all like to masturbate for fun.

After the First Date

1. Send him a text message shortly after your date is over and tell him you had a good time. If you liked him and you want to see him again, and the feeling is mutual, he will be very happy to receive that message. Forget all the advice that says not to do it. That advice is lame.

2. Call the guy every now and then if you started seeing each other. Yes, guys like to know that the girl likes them and she takes the initiative to call every now and then too. Calling doesn’t make you desperate; however, not calling because you are concerned about being perceived as desperate, makes you very desperate.


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