SF Will Continue to Lead in the Cliche Lifestyle Department

san francisco cliche lifestyleIt seems that the city that prides itself on being so unique and special in so many ways has become home to more and more people who are as unoriginal as their cliche lifestyle and day-to-day life.

Consider a very typical schedule of your average “young professional” which represents a signature San Francisco cliche lifestyle:

Waking up around 7 am, taking one of the annoying slow buses that stop every block to FiDi while texting/listening to mainstream music or book on tape on their I-phone, arriving to work at the one of the many “exciting start-ups”, standing 20 minutes in line during lunch to pay $12 for soup and salad, getting off work around 5-6 pm, going for “happy” hour to have small talk about nothing with one of their not so loyal and punctual friends or co-workers over beer and/or mediocre, fatty bar food, then going to the gym/yoga/TRX/Zumba/Thai Boxing class, having overpriced, greasy dinner at one of the all-glass-and-steel sterile looking restaurants.

There is no better way to end the day than by checking Facebook/Match/OkCupid – not because you want to or need to, but because you are so chronically bored and unfulfilled, but are not sure why.

Oops, I forgot to mention the 6 cups of coffee we consume throughout the day to keep us awake at work and while socializing with people who we try to pretend we want to get to know.


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