Movers Guide – Top Three Lies You Will Hear about San Francisco

Moving to SF?  – Here are the top five lies you will likely hear about the city that you should not believe:

Lie #1: People Are Really Nice Here

You are going to hear this bs before you come here and you will keep hearing it over and over again. Small talk and empty smiles don’t make a person nice. I truly believe that our true feelings toward the other people around us come out when we are at our worst. The signature San Francisco 10-second honking at the fellow drivers is something you can hear regularly downtown SF, and it’s a strong indicator that we are far from being nice or patient. In a city where half of the people work on their start-up day and night and others can’t sleep worrying about how they are going to pay rent, the only kind of niceness you are going to see is that which is induced by alcohol and drugs.

Lie #2: This is a Great City for Men

This one always makes me laugh. No, there aren’t as many gay guys as so many cougars like to complain, and even if they were, only god knows how many women are lesbians, so this really doesn’t shirt the ration of men/women in straight men’s favor. SF is an established mecca of feminist, stressed out business women, who have deep male voices but are lacking in male sex drive, cocky douchebags, posers, and passive, nerdy beta guys who need a GPS to find their penis, in order to have any chance of getting laid on OkCupid by boring and overwhelming the local women with their boilerplate messages.

Lie #3: This City Has Great Nightlife and Great Dining Scene

With regard to dining – it’s better than the social and cultural wasteland that surrounds San Francisco from all sides, yet it is so overrated. Most restaurants focus around creating and catering to the douche scene, while forgetting that food should have flavor and their venues should feel warm and comfortable.

With regard to nightlife – it used to be good, before just about every great club and bar that had the energy and ambiance that could get you high on life without using any drugs has either been run out of business by greedy landlords or replaced by douchy, overpriced, overrated all glass bars and restaurants. Over the past 14 years of living here, I witness how the local nightlife has been slowly but surely dying. Today, the options of going out dancing are very much limited.

1 thought on “Movers Guide – Top Three Lies You Will Hear about San Francisco

  1. This is very true about the lack of dancing options. This is the first city I have ever been to that doesn’t have any bigbox dance nightclubs. My friend and I tried to find a hiphop nightclub the first week that we moved here and we couldn’t find one that was open on a Wednesday night, which was strange for a major city. We ended up dancing at a salsa club.

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