Women with Deep Voices in San Francisco

For the longest time I have been fascinated by the fact that so many girls in San Francisco have such deep/manly voices. Ok, ok – I am lying. I wasn’t fascinated. I usually cringe when I see a young, attractive woman open her mouth and sound like a guy. Until now I thought that deeper voice was a purely anatomical trait that only depended on the structure of a woman’s vocal cords and nasal passages. However, just today, thinking about the many women with both deeper and softer voices that I had a chance to meet over the past few years in different contexts, an obvious fact about a woman’s voice has dawned on me: a woman’s voice is a manifestation and an expression of her femininity and feminine energy.  A woman with a deeper voice must be far less feminine, and her voice is just an outer expression of her entire overall feminine persona – her beliefs, goals, behavior, character, and lifestyle. A deep voice means a collection of masculine qualities in a woman, which translates toward the outside through a manly voice, and quite likely – higher testosterone levels.

This is not to say that every woman with a soft voice is a humble, loving, feminine angel, but there is certainly a significant correlation between the depth of woman’s voice and the level of her femininity.

Below is a classic example of two fairly attractive women, whose voice makes it clear that besides having female body parts, there isn’t much else feminine about them.

2 thoughts on “Women with Deep Voices in San Francisco

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