Five Reasons to Like Douchebags in San Francisco

douchebags in San FranciscoDouche bashing is fun, especially in San Francisco, where there clearly isn’t a shortage of douchebags. However, it would not be fair to not point out several important positive qualities that San Francisco’s douchebags possess:

1. SF Douches are Not Cheap  

You may blame Jews, Persians and even more so Indians for being stingy, but the white business guys represent the more generous segment of our population. While they might have sense of entitlement, they also appreciate the time and the business of others, and don’t mind paying the higher price tag. They don’t expect others’ work to be free of charge.

2. SF Douches are Generally Honest and Pay Their Bills 

Douches don’t want trouble. They care about paying bills on time, their credit history and generally don’t want trouble with the law.

3. SF Douches are Generally Not Violent 

The douches are not known for having short temper, except for flipping off other drivers / honking like crazy when another driver cuts them off or when they are completely drunk, and even then it’s unlikely.

4. SF Douches do Not Hate (Charismatic)

Generally, being in a group of douches will make you feel good. They are a happy bunch or at least they know very well how to act happy and radiate a certain amount of charisma, however boring underneath all that they might be. They rarely hate or complain about anything because to them it’s simply bad table manners.

5. SF Douches Are Fun to Watch

SF Douches like to be out, drinking and dining at all the “upscale” places. They are fun to watch in action, especially when they had a few too many and are finally able to gather up confidence to talk to women.


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