Tinder – The New Crutch For Meeting People in SF

tinder dating serviceI consider Tinder to be in a way a revolutionary breakthrough in bridging the gap between men and women that so far has been filled with men’s fear of approaching women, women’s apparent unfriendly energy and downright hostile attitude, and all kinds of related insecurities.

However, I can’t help but perceive Tinder as yet another sign of how much less advanced we humans are, than we would like to believe. If we need sophisticated software and GPS signal in order to meet others who are actually located right around us, there must be something wrong with us. Also, I am not sure at all whether a man gets a good deal when he trades the rush pushing his confidence boundaries and approaching women in person for clicking on faces on his smartphone, hoping that a girl, who is probably overwhelmed by hundreds of clicks and pings from other guys, would click back on him, and will actually have enough, attention span and emotional energy to follow through with him out of all the other guys.

I bet the next, upgraded version of this service will make your phone beep faster and louder when you approach a prospective admirer, kind of like metal detector. And it’s inevitable in light of the local climate that the following upgrade will be putting “$$” signs next to guys’ pictures to reflect their net worth. They could just copy and paste the sings from the restaurants section on yelp.

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