Dolores – Same Yuppie Shit – Different Area

dolores San Francisco yuppie, douchebagsI don’t know why, but for a while I was naive enough to think that the Dolores area was different from the Marina & FiDi. Somehow, I ended up believing that it was more real and more down to earth. Was I wrong!

Having end up there this Sunday afternoon, I was surprised to discovery that it was the same lame, pretentious, white crowd that I will regretfully see tomorrow morning. In fact, Dolores seems to be even more white than the Marina, and again – just as lame and pretentious. You might not notice it because it’s not maintained quite as well as Chestnut and Union and at least half of the people look homeless, in desperate need of shower and haircut and high, even though only the latter is probably true. Dolores Coffee House

The douchiness of the people who hang out here is not as obvious as it is in other areas of the city, but it’s just as potent. You would probably have to listen to their conversations about raising capital, start-ups, and their marketing efforts before you realize that it’s more of the same boring, uppity, start-up / finance crowd, who are just not as put together as the ones in the Marina and Pacific Heights, and who are openly proud of it. These more subtle douches are misguided enough to believe that being dressed sloppy and having a messy hair makes them real and cool.

On the brighter side of things, one aspect in which Mission Dolores remains far superior to other areas is the amount of casual, comfortable coffee houses where you could sit and read, or work for hours, and which seem to be doing well.

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