White Supremacy in FiDi

Not sure why these shoe shining stands in the FiDi bother me so much, and probably as much as animal cruelty and alike repugnant behaviors. I supposed it’s a combination of what this reminds me of our not-so-distant past, the fact that the guys who sit in the chair are almost always white and the person who shines shows below is black, and the fact that someone’s feet and shoes are in other person’s face.  Nothing else says so overtly “I am above you” as this situation.

I understand –  this is not slavery. The guys who shine shows do so voluntarily and get compensated. This is their business and they happy to run it. And yet it looks and feels so wrong. I would not mind at all, if our city government mad this kind of activity illegal.

whit supremacy in FiDi


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