A Very Important Message to the Black Community

A gentleman named Mike makes a great and a very important point in his video below about how black people in the US are to a large degree at fault for keeping the stigma against black people alive, by supporting the negative image of African American through shows like “Love and Hip Hop”, “I Love New York”, “Flavor of Love” etc.  One negative role model on TV after the other that only deserve to be mocked, and never a positive image that other black people could look up to.

This video made me wonder – how cool would it be if they had a reality show that puts forward black people that everyone should admire and follow: how about following the life of a black student at one of the ivy league schools, who comes from an underprivileged home and/or neighborhood? What about making a show about a rehabilitated ex-con, or former homeless person, or a former drug addict, who is doing surprisingly well today or following a very successful black doctor or a businessman? These kinds of shows would be extremely useful, because they will remind the black viewers that besides president Obama, there are other examples out there of accomplished, professional, educated black people, who made it.  Therefore the viewers can make it happen for themselves too, and their dreams are not unrealistic.


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