Correction to the Promotional E-mail from Crunch

Today I got the following e-mail from Crunch:

“It’s Monday. It’s gloomy. We’re all stuck at work! Ugh! Where’s my coffee?! To soften the blow of this joyous weekday we all dread, Crunch is offering $69 enrollment for today only! We are also offering any new member AUGUST FREE with the purchase of a PT package!

Shoot me an email if you’re interested and don’t get a case of the Monday!”
Not bad. However, I would like to make two important corrections to make the above message more truthful:
* First, people look equally miserable on any other day, besides Monday, and it’s clear that they dread every single weekday throughout, except for happy hours;
* Secondly, going to the gym, even if it’s Crunch, doesn’t soften the blow, but makes it even harder to endure. I just can’t see how looking at a bunch of sexually frustrated, semi-nerdy guys pumping steel and average looking girls with an attitude of super models running on a hamster wheel while wearing their white headphones is going to brighten up your day.

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