George Zimmerman Trial – Random, Disproporationate and Annoying Amount of Attention to One Case and One Trial

I simply don’t get it. How is it that one case – one murder and one trial gets so many hours of prime time TV coverage on several TV channels for so long. Treyvon Martin was neither a president nor some kind of celebrity. And George Zimmerman is neither a terrorists nor some other controversial figure that deserve that much attention.

I am pretty sure that dozens of similar murders take place every day and they get no more attention than two lines on the 8th page of a local newspaper, right above the weather forecast and Football scores. I am just as certain that many other equally important or far more important things are going on in the country and in the world that could and should get coverage during those many hours that CNN, HLN and other channels are chewing and overanalyzing this case over and over and over.


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