Why SF Guys No Longer Turn Around to Look at Your Ass

men turns around to check out a woman's assTurning around and looking at a woman’s ass is one of the most primal and natural male a responses.  Any guy can relate to the strong urge to look back when an attractive woman passes by him, especially if her front (thicker thighs, wider hips, and tight pants) looks promising enough to suggest that her rear is worth checking out.

It seems that the men in San Francisco have lost the ability, the courage and perhaps even the right to turn around and look at a woman’s ass. If you don’t believe me, just go downtown, and wait till an attractive, sexy looking woman walks by some guy.  He is not going to turn around and take a double look unless he is Mexican or Middle Eastern or Black (less likely). And even the guys who do turn are going to be extremely discrete about it, and will pretend like they are waiting for someone or are trying to catch a cab.

So why aren’t white guys looking? How did they become so … neutered? I believe there are two main reasons that have brought about this result:

1. Huge Egos. Many white guys have big egos that prevent them from putting their pride on the line, and risking turning around and being mentally prosecuted by another passer by, who will judge them and give them a dirty look for checking a girl’s ass. These egos are largely a byproduct of Ivy League or comparable education and high-paying jobs. These guys who went to really good schools and make money today think they are too good to turn around and look.  You would think that professional success would make those men more confident and more forward, but building and selling yet another mobile app isn’t going to add any testosterone into a man’s blood. The only hope for white men is to follow the sleazy sales guys, who still seem to have what it takes to look at who they want to look and however they want to look.

2. Feminism. Feminism has criminalized some of the most basic male behavior, such as looking at a woman’s body from all angles.  What used to be normal before is now condemned as highly disrespectful. The term “objectifying a woman” has such a negative connotation, when in fact it’s meant to be a compliment. Why do we use the term “objectifying”? I find  “admiring her appearance” or “longing for her body” or “wanting to worship her ass” to be so much more appropriate.

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