SF Happy Hour Douchebaggery – Top Three Nominations

Although there are other venues that are filled with douchebags (and douchettes) from 5 pm forward, such as Perbacco and its neighboring, greasy, overpriced/overrated restaurants, and some of the Marina “hot spots”, the following three has been consistently delivering top-shelf douchery:

1. Kokkari – you can never go wrong with this one, especially on a warm day, when their windows are wide open and you can see & smell the “business clientele” suited up and sipping on white wine.

kokkari douchebags

2. Palomino  – located slightly away from the main epicenters of SF douchebaggery, this knowingly mediocre restaurant is a frequent home to the professional bridge and tunnel crowd who think they are cool, and who are profoundly mistaken about that.

palomino douchebags

3. Americano – last but certainly not least, this place has firmly established itself as Douche Central of San Francisco, and it has been going strong delivering some of the cheesiest, meat-marketish happy hour scene in SF you can find.

americano douchebag central


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