A Non-Douchy Couple Is So Pleasing to the Eye

non douchy couple in SacramentoThere aren’t that many (good) things to see or do in Sacramento. In fact, there are hardly any, and it’s pretty much as quiet as a morgue around the capital city. However, I do enjoy seeing some things there. This includes way more attractive young people with no attitude than in SF.

These days, when all the douchebags and douchettes that formerly occupied and went out downtown Sacramento are gone, the normal people are more visible than at any time before during the past 10 years. Back in the day when leasing agents, loan officers and real estate brokers had something to do and could afford Ed Hardy shirts, and skimpy dresses, you would have to scan through a lot of gel, muscles, white shorts, pornstar stillettos and make up to see normal guys and girls, but today they are everywhere. Just go to any ice-cream or yogurt shop to see for yourself.

This picture is a classic example of a pretense-free couple. Notice, that the guy is quite attractive, and the girl’s natural beauty and sex appeal surpass that of 95% of the “young professionals” in SF, yet it’s clear that she has no attitude problems whatsoever.


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