Two Types of Hate

I believe there are two main types of hate – the “dark” kind and the “bright” kind. Dark hate is the one driven by being unhappy about where you are in life and by being jealous of those who are more or who have more; i.e. bicyclists who hate drivers, and other extreme tree huggers, and less attractive girls who are jealous of their hotter friends.

The bright hate stems from envisioning a better way to do things and seeing a possibility of a better world. These are the people who criticize various aspects of our society, politics, culture, etc… They don’t simply complain for the sake of complaining but they actually have practical ideas and solutions that are realistic. Bright haters are the ones who are often considered snobs, because they try to stay away from the mainstream as much as possible, and pride themselves of enjoying anything that’s off the beaten path – independent movies and shows, hall in the wall restaurants, underground clubs, and various exclusive book clubs. They act like they are above others, and in some ways they actually are.

Which kind of hater are you? Or are you both? tree huggers hate


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