Why I Care

A reader recently asked: “Why do you care about all these people around you in San Francisco who wear sunglasses, headphones, have an attitude, and are being douchebags, etc… They are not your friends. Who cares what they do and how they act?” 

I have been asked this question on several occasions before, and until today I didn’t really have a good answer. However, today the answer has dawned on me, as I was walking down Pine street and looking at the people who were walking by me.

It seems to me that every person who walks by you and every person you see evokes a certain emotion in you, either positive or negative. Whoever passes by you makes you feel either better or worse, more or less entertained, happy, loving, empathetic, or conversely – jealous, angry, impatient, frustrated, or disgusted. Every facial expression you see out there says something to the world and to you personally, whether it’s intended to be personal or not. Some people are better at disregarding this communication than others. I know I am not good at ignoring other people’s behavior, even if it’s subtle, such as body language, facial expressions, etc.; hence I care to write about it.


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