White Girls Are Lucky It Just Has Been an Asian Fetish till Now….

middle eastern womenEvery now and then I hear some white, average looking girl complain about how so many white guys seem to be going for Asian girls these days, because, according to them, Asian women are subservient and are willing to stay in the kitchen all day instead of asserting their independence.

And of course, in the true American spirit of defensiveness, instead of asking themselves about what actually makes so many of those Asian women more attractive and more desirable to white men, and perhaps learning or even adopting some of those qualities to make themselves more attractive, these white princesses blame guys for having an Asian fetish, making it sound as if it was some kind of perversion, when in reality it’s nothing but a natural response to women who are so often more feminine, sensual, outgoing, friendly and sexual than their white counterparts.

These white girls might feel neglected by the males of their own kind today, but they don’t realize that it’s just the beginning and things are likely to get much worse for them unless they somehow change and abolish their … “white” mentality and their masculine ways of behavior and lifesylte. hot middle eastern women

Lets not forget that we are still at war with so many middle eastern countries, and we still don’t feel safe traveling to so many of the countries and areas in South and Latin Americas.  If and when our relationship with the countries in those areas improve, American guys will have two more major regions in the world to travel, beyond the far east, in order to seek women who have bigger hips, bigger lips, bigger eyes and eye lashes, softer hair and skin, generally more pronounced  and sexy features, and who are also so much more feminine and far more easy going than so many of the local white “professional” and “independent” women are.

Unless those Middle Eastern and South American women adopt the obnoxious western attitude, arrogance and that repelling entitlement mentality, white women are likely to be completely overlooked and abandoned for their superior counterparts of those other ethnicities.

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