A Painful Reminder to the President about How Backwards We Are

obama harris newsom most attractive agThe response of the media to Obama calling Kamala Harris the best looking attorney general is as sad and pathetic as it is unbelievable and hilarious. I guess even the very polished, ultra eloquent and charismatic president can get himself in trouble when he forgets for a moment that  that he leads a nation that consists of a large percentage of uptight, hypocritical, narrow minded morons who must be in several fundamental ways much more primitive than cave men. Otherwise, why would so much drama be stirred over something so innocent and so…. true.

I was laughing so hard when I heard some female attorneys and news reporters say that Obama’s compliment was inappropriate and objectifying to women. This is as if he said that Kamala Harris wasn’t smart  or  that he only liked her because of how she looked. Talk about assuming way too much and deviating from the path of any reason due to a feminist stroke….

Luckily, the majority of the people agrees that it’s not a big deal and there is no reason to waste another minute talking about it.  The saddest part for me is the fact that the president had to publicly apologize to Harris for … giving her a genuine and well deserved compliment.

On an unrelated note, a number of compelling observations need to be made about the incident, at least based on the picture above:

* Kamala Harris is a very attractive attorney, who looks like she is not lacking at all in the passion and libido departments.

* Although Obama’s stance is more reserved, the chemistry between them on the photo is undeniable. Even the most gift photographer could not capture this kind of moment, unless the two had strong sexual chemistry.

* Lastly, Newsom’s body language clearly says one thing and one thing only: “These two should get a room, and… I wouldn’t mind joining that party”.

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