Overrated Restaurants in San Francisco

San Francisco should be known not only for its dining scene but also for how overrrated many of its restaurants are. Spend a $100k or so on PR or slap a Michelin star or two on your door and you are on your way to becoming a fine dining venue in SF, even if the food you serve is mediocre in qualty, bland in flavor and small in quantity, making you wonder as to why you didn’t go to “In and Out” instead. By way of example, here are three very popular dining destinations in SF that have very little to back it up with:

Delfina Pizzeria – all the location are very busy every night of the week. The pizza is mediocre in flavor and way too oily, not to mention overpriced. Apparently, there is a premium for employment white people in the kitchen, hence the jacked up prices. deflina pizzeria white people in the kitchen

COI – a Michelin rated restaurant that sucks. All the articles in the local dining and nightlife magazines about how wonderful their cuisine is are not going to change the fact that there is simply nothing to be impressed with or rave about. But if your goal is to be ripped off for no reason whatsoever, this is definitely the place to go.    coi overrated michel restaurant

Sears’ Fine Foods – this is another testament to herd mentality. If there is a line outside, it must be good, so let’s join the line at 9:30 to make sure we get in by the time it opens – at 10:00 am. That’s what tourists do (before or after their obligatory cable car ride). Again, nothing special, and definitely not worth an hour or more wait to get in. And for the record – just like Tadich Grill, just because it has been around forever doesn’t make it   good. sears' fine foods overrated


2 thoughts on “Overrated Restaurants in San Francisco

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