The Marina – Where Women’s Brains and Beauty Meet on Very Rare Occasions

the marina ugly sporty womenmarina unattractive athletic girlsIt appears to me that the Marina continues to be populated mainly by two types of women:

1. The small minority of physically attractive but unattractive in every other way, obnoxiously bubbly, a- few-years-out of college ho’s, who very actively participated in their college debauchery, went to spring break in Cancun / Florida, and involved themselves in other degrading activities. They seem to  continue riding the cock carousel every weekend by hooking up with random guys in one of the local trashy bars (i.e. – any Marina bar), till they are well into their mid thirties and even later, and who are way overdue for rehab and very frequent AA meetings.

2. The rest – these are the suprisingly physically unattractive ambitious overachievers. They went to one of the top schools in the nation (mostly Brown, Cornell & Stanford). Their bodies are extremely fit and muscular, while their faces are extremely unattractive and at times (especially on Sat/Sunday morning) are downright scary. They always have their exercise attire and sunglasses on. Their faces look not only unattractive but also angry or at the very least – extremely unfriendly. These are the girls who stand in line for coffee at Peet’s on Sunday at 7:00 am after they already ran a few miles, and this is also the time when they look their worst.  Coffee is their first stop before having they get their organic, overpriced breakfast.

I can only imagine how refreshing it would be for anyone to run into a woman in the Marina who is (1) professionally and/or academically accomplished; (2) both fit and attractive; and (3) has a friendly demeanor without looking either angry or overly happy/bubbly.

drunk marina girlsdrunk marina girls

One thought on “The Marina – Where Women’s Brains and Beauty Meet on Very Rare Occasions

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