How Feminism Hurts Traditional Women’s Love Life in San Francisco

angry feminist business woman in San FranciscoThere is an undeniable chain of causation that shows how feminism hurts the love life of those few women in the Bay Area, who still consider themselves traditional and who did not make it their life mission to prove to the world around them that their penis is just as long or even longer than the one that the guys carry around.

Consider a typical professional guy who grows up in the San Francisco area. He has been brought up and brainwashed to “respect” women  – to never say or do anything controversial in their presence and never show his romantic or sexual interest in any kind of overt way, except when that kind of behavior is commonly accepted – when everyone is drunk. As a result, that guy masters the art of diplomacy, which might serve him well in a corporate world, in politices, and in relationships with the women he will likely be meeting the Stanford/Berkeley ultra feminists and other bisexual women.

His early dating experiences with all kinds of princesses, primadonas and other kinds of uptight, hypersensitive and excessively liberated women will make his testicles even smaller. That guy will never say or do anything that will rub those women the wrong way. In the beginning of dating one, he will maintain his distance as long as it takes until he “earns” her trust and respect. He will never dare to tell her what to do, and he will very rarely disagree with her or challenge her on anything she says or does. He will go along with whatever she says and with whatever she wants to do. This kind of man-puppy is a dream-come-true for many “businesswomen” to whom equality means being a man to her man. These women would not let any guy to be in charge, or at least they think so, since they conveniently forget that they have surrendered themselve to the corporate slavery long ago.

However, that is the exact kind of guy who a more traditional and feminine woman will never find interesting, attractive or desirable. This is because –

* she doesn’t want to lead – she wants to follow the guy who can and wants to lead her;

* she doesn’t want to be asked “what are you doing tonight” – she wants to be told “let’s meet at 4 pm at my favorite cafe”;

* she actually enjoys hearing: “wow, you look hot!” from the guy she likes and doesn’t find it disrespectful. In fact, she is turned on by it;

* she wants to be wanted and she likes when the guy makes it clear to her with his words and his eyes;

* she will only respect and be interested in a guy who knows how and when to worship her, and will also know how and when to put her in her place.  traditional feminine middle eastern woman

* she will only respect a guy who knows how to say “no” to her;

* she enjoys pleasing as much as she enjoys to be please or more;

* she is looking to surrender her heart and body to the right guy who wants to take what she has to offer and isn’t afraid to grab it and pull it toward him;

* she wants to give the key to her heart and body to the guy who is not going to stare at the lock for too long before inserting the key.

This doesn’t mean that a traditional woman wants to be controlled or oppressed, and like any other woman, the last thing she wants is to be with some kind of insecure, possessive and pathalogically jealous guy who treats her like her property. She does, however, want her guy to be in some ways to be a father figure to her, just like the same guy would probably want her to be a mother figure in his life. After all, this is one of the reasons that we, guys, like it so much when the woman we are with comes up to us and fixes our collar or our tie or our hair.

Sadly, the men-puppies who have been trained to be “good boys” by the overly feminists society will never be those kinds of women. This drastically reduces those traditional women’s chances of meeting Mr. Right, who will be the real man, but these kinds of guys are still out there. Some come from other cultures, while others have recognized early on that they should not allow feminism to emasculate them, and that eventually the will meet a great woman who hasn’t been brainwashed to sacrafice her identity and nature for corner office. Find a guy like that is going to be a challenge, especially among the white, professional men, but perhaps that’s what will make eventually meeting one all the more special.

1 thought on “How Feminism Hurts Traditional Women’s Love Life in San Francisco

  1. This is absolutely true. I figured this out years ago when I was first approached by the NOW on my college campus, and promptly declined their offer to join! There IS a difference between men and women, and that difference should be appreciated and enjoyed. Let a man open your door, order at dinner, and treat you like … oh, I know … a lady! You can still be successful at your profession. Trust me, you’ll probably be even better at what you do once you are being appreciated at home for being “his lady.” Hopefully one day (before it’s too late) ladies will actually reclaim what truly makes us feminine. When more women realize that feminism isn’t helpful to what we actually want in life, they will stop ending up having to go out on so many “Girls’ Nights.”

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