The Marina Post Liquor Courage Paralysis

liquid courage in the MarinaIt’s not a secret that the white people (especially the Marina kind) are completely incapable of making any kind of gestures of social acknowledgement of the people around them. In fact, when sober, they do everything they can to separate themselves from the world around them – headphones, sunglasses for no reason whatsoever, angry and hostile looking faces, and a fast walk down the street. I hope you don’t expect any kind of eye contact from anyone in the Marina or from the Marina crowd during the daytime, when people you have to rely on your own personality, without any assitance from alcohol, to be friendly, or at least acknowledge the people around you.

I would venture to guess that the main reason that the Marina is being hated so much is for nothing other than the its crowd, which is known for uniquely unfriendly, pretentious body language and facial expressions, and for actually being that way is actually cool. I don’t think that the lulu lemon ho’s in disguise and alcoholic frat boys or rather ex-frat would get on our nerves as much if they didn’t have that much attitude during the daytime. That attitude is what gives Union, Chestnut and a few adjacent street such “I am the sh-t” flavor that makes you nauseated.

However, things change dramatically when the sun goes down and when the liquor start pouring – especially on weekends. The same white people who can’t even look you in the eye, and can’t even acknowledge you with a nod when sitting next to you on a bus or train, become extremely friendly in bars after they have a few too many. They will not only make a clear eye-contact with you, but they will even strike up a conversation with you, buy you a drink and will even try to befriend you. I don’t know if they would necessarily remember who I am the next day, but I still enjoy seeing that kind of enthusiasm. And, I wish that being that friendly didn’t require being completely drunk.

These white people surely recognize their inability to be that friendly and forward when they are sober, so they rely on alcohol as a social crutch to help them make these connections weekend after weekend. No one seems to want to undertake the challenge of overcoming their own inhibitions and breaking through their own barriers the natural way – by being more outgoing and more friendly during the daytime, even if they are busy and stressed up by their start-up / mobile marketing jobs.

I can’t help but wonder whether, like other crutches, using alcohol over and over makes people even less capable of being friendly when they are sober, and whether relying on alcohol week in and week out to be more social makes the same people appear even more socially paralyzed during the day time – when they are sober and when they should actually be trying to make the the real social connections they would like to have in their life.

Waiting for those few weekend hours to get drunk and have fun chatting up random people is hardly a substitute for the excitement of talking to people during the daytime – at a bus stub, at coffee shops and even during lunch. There is no law that says that you can’t look at each other and can’t talk to each other until except Thursdays through Saturday 10 pm to 2 am, but somehow so many people seem to be following that lame and unfounded rule.

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