Why San Francisco Bars Are Such a Sausage Fest

sausage fest in san franciscoYou may think that the answer to this question is obvious – it’s because there are so many guys in town and not enough women, but I don’t think that’s the case. You see plenty of women in the city and in some places (bakeries, malls, yoga studios, organic stores) you see way more women than guys. Not all of those women are worth looking at; in fact, the majority aren’t, and many of them look manly and downright scary, but they are out there. The problem is that these women disappear after 8-9 pm on a weeknight. This is for two reasons. First, they are discouraged to be out by a colder weather. If a girl, who is already inherently indecisive, doesn’t feel 100% warm and comfortable, she is going to lose the little motivation to go out that she has had before. So, if the outside temperature is under 62F, you are probably not going to see too many straight women out.

More importantly, if it’s not the weather, women’s demanding, stressful jobs will surely discourage them from going out after wearing them out physically and emotionally till the later hours of the evening. That, coupled with yoga/ gym, and the only thing these women have energy and desire for is maybe dinner and a few drinks before they hit the sack at 9:45, getting ready for the next day in a sweat sho… I mean – their exciting start-up.  sausage

There is something aesthetically wrong with seeing too many guys in one place without any women among them. It looks as unattractive to guys as it does to women. If it’s some kind of investment/banking confence that we are talking about, then the sausage fest is understandable. But if it’s just a regular bar, you it would really help make San Francisco a more attractive and interesting city, if more women were out on weeknights and if they stayed out a little later than dinner time.

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