Chest Beating 101

chest beating is a turn-offHave you noticed how people who expect the most from others are the ones who have the least to offer themselves? Just look at the women’s online dating profiles. The most accomplished and educated  women seem to say the least about how wonderful they are, and they rarely, if ever, write in the “if you are…. then I am not interested” kind of style. And, if a girl has a list of likes and dislikes, that’s longer than the hardware store inventory, then you can bet that her ghetto factor is pretty high, regardless of her race, and her pictures with pouty lips, fake tan, and whorish stance will further prove that.

Making it look like you have high standards is an easy way to mislead the audience into believing that you can match those standards yourself. The reality is that you can safely assume the opposite – she probably has nothing to offer, except the high expectations that she has from others in general and from men specifically. It’s like when one of the girls at “Jersey Shore” tells one guy she meets at a club that she is “classy.” One could only wonder whether she said it for pure entertainment of the viewers, or her mind was actually numb enough to believe that she possessed any traces of class.

Chest beating is one of the major red flags for me in people, and it’s a sure sign of self-centeredness, whoring for attention, validation and approval, and a reliable indicator of a deep sense of insecurity and desire to tell others that you have something that you actually don’t.  Above all, it’s a clear sign of lack of class. In women, chest beating is a boner killer. Well, if she is really hot, then her announcements about how “professional” and “independent” she is would reduce the erection half way (by about 45 degrees) until at least you can forget or learn how to ignore her self-serving clichés altogether when you hear them.

Chest beating and bragging is not only the domain of individuals. Sometimes, a country may be indulging in it as well. I have travelled around a few places in Europe and other places (am I chest beating now?), thoroughly populated by liberal, open minded people, and I am yet to hear the “It’s a free country” come-back even once anywhere except here, in the US. Is this yet another example of us overcompensating for something that we fear we don’t quite have yet or can’t quite match other places yet?

While Israel had a female prime minister over 50 years ago, Phillipines had one recently, and Brazil has one now – we are still talking about maybe, one day electing Hilary or the likes of her to be in charge of our nation. I haven’t heard either of those countries tell the world about how free they are.  One can only conclude that this is yet another testament that we feel inferior in the freedom department to countries that have already fully legalized gay marriage, light drugs, prostitution, light porn, and abolished death penalty, while we are still struggling with these and many other freedoms that have been taken for granted in other parts of the industrialized world for a decade or longer.

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