What Makes San Francisco Less Hip

trashy-irish-barWhat makes San Franisco less cool and less hip?  – The trashy Irish bars that have that permanently settled stench of stale beer, the most unhealthy, heavy, greasy bar food, way too many tv screens, so that you simply can’t avoid watching yet another boring, stagnant baseball game while poisoning yourself with empty calories.

The sad part about the green-theme dumpsters is how many of them are around San Francisco, even in the most purportedly upscale and “hip” parts of the city. This is just another reminder that the white trash disguising itself with high paying jobs, more expensive clothes, and higher beer/wine tab is here to stay.

This proliferation of Irish bars isn’t something that makes San Francisco more unique, more interesting, or more eclectic, especially because these tasteless venues remain to be so popular, drawing bland crowd for bland food, bland alcohol, bland entertainement, and bland conversation. This is surely a bad PR for Irish culture (or lack thereof). trash san francisco

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