“So…….., what do you do?”

Humanity is generally known for its herd mentality, and San Francisco’s inhabitants are not an exception. Tattoos, piercings, camping out in Golden Gate park, getting high, walking around naked in the Castro, being vegeterian/vegan or bisexual or transexual, being part of the Occupy SF “movement” and alike are all, for the most part, desperate attempts to attract attention, but these choices make us unique only on the most superficial level. On the other hand, our being cliche and lacking in originality is not just limited to working for an “exciting” start up, going to “after work happy hours”, spending way too much time on facebook, constantly texting, wearing yoga pants and sunglasses for a reason or no reason whatsoever, or standing in line to get into a mediocre, overrated restaurants. One of the cliches that define us the “What do you do?” ice-breaker that we use so often when we meet someone new.  Although the motive behind this question could be quite innocent – to simply start the conversation, or to get to know the other person better – it doesn’t make this question any less annoying because it’s so painfully unoriginal. Also, since many of us feel that our job doesn’t necessary say a whole lot about who we are, knowing what someone does for a living can hardly be a reliable insight into their heart or mind.

I have never been the one to assume that just because a woman asks me a minute after meeting me what I do for a living that she was greedy or materialistic. I think that truly materialistic women who know how to get what they want from men are more subtle at finding out what they guy is worth. However, I had a hard to resisting responding to this invasive question with  – “Come on…. you can do better than that.”  The only thing that can make this question worse is the “So…..” right before it, which suggests that everything that you talked to about up to that point didn’t really matter that much, and now you are about to be asked a question that really matters. It is as common as it is sad…

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