Lulu Lemon Clones

herd mentality lulu lemon in san franciscoI really think that the recent controversy concerning stem cell research and cloning should extend to the San Francisco women who wear their Lulu Lemon uniform way too often. The overpriced yoga attire seems to be the dominant fashion among (white) women on weekends, especially in the Marina and adjacent areas whether these women are on their way to or from yoga, or whether yoga has never been on their agenda at all. So much for sense of uniqueness and creativity in the city that purports to be cutting edge in just about anything. If that’s the best that the local “urban” and “accomplished” women can do, then they have a long way to go toward claiming that they have a sense of style.

I like looking at women who wear yoga pants just as much as the next guy, and I am not at all offended by the protruding camel toes that I get to see on a warm Sunday morning on Union st, whether it’s through black or grey spandex pants; it’s the herd mentality of these women that saddens me and sends a not-so-flattering message about them, as they blindly imitate each other’s style without giving much thought or putting any effort into seeing if they could come up with anything more interesting and more eye catching to wear.

I am hopefully that sooner or late women will be liberated from this monotonous yoga fashion and will let all the other many choices they have, including summer dresses come back and accentuate their femininity. And if, while doing that, they will also take off their sunglasses and headphones every now and then, all the more power to them.

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