In Defense of Asian Fetish

asian fetish in san franciscoI absolutely love it when white, black or Latin women accuse men of having an Asian fetish. Some men choose to apologize for it instead of being proud of their human and sexual preferences. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being attracted to women who generally have softer skin, softer voice, softer mannerisms, hair and a more gentle attitude. In fact, it would be surprising if white men didn’t develop an Asian fetish, considering how sexually inferior some of the white women are. Having an attitude, entitlement mentality and acting manly are just some reasons that push men away and toward the Asian women, even if it means traveling across the ocean to meet them.

Losing with grace is an art that very few people in general and women specifically have mastered in a society where most people love to blame everyone and everything else but themselves for whatever they don’t achieve. It’s so much easier for any white woman who encounters a guy who is not interested in her to simply say that he is not all that anyway, or that he is probably gay, rather than simply saying something along the lines of “I am not his type and he doesn’t find me attractive or desireable, and that’s ok. I am not everyone’s type, just like I don’t like every guy I meet”.

The same defensive attitude applies to those white women who complain about how men go more and more for Asian women. Instead of trying to understand what it is about Asian women that white and other men find more attractive and desirable, they just assume that it’s because Asian women are subservient and they stay in the kitchen all day. This couldn’t be any more wrong. Some Asian women might be subservient, but many are very independent, ambitious and accomplsihed.

One of the other reasons that Asian women seem to be more desirable to men, besides their physical traits (softer and smoother skin and hair, thicker lips, etc…) their behavior often makes them come across as more genuine and more open when it comes to flirting and showing their interest. Contrary to what so many women believe out there, who have been brainwashed to show no interest and be a “challenge” when a guy notices that a woman he is interacting with shows (subtle) signs of interest, it’s both very flattering and empowering. What that guys does with that information, and whether he takes advantage of it the wrong way or reciprocates confidently with showing his interest, is a different question.

Once white women stop complaining about the white men’s Asian fetish, and instead try to learn and understand the reason behind this phenonmennon, and even consider learning from Asian women how to be more feminine and more attractive, they are likely to benefit from it by becoming themselves more attractive and more wanted by men.

Complaining is easy but understanding the reasons behind a certain trend and doing something to take advantage of that information and use it to your benefit is harder but is surely worth the effort. Similarly, blaming older white guys for traveling across many sees to search for sex and/or marriage is not going to be of any use or benefit, but doing something to make them stay home and look for beauty, love, attention, and affection locally will.

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