Online Cliches: Why I Hate Most Women’s Dating Profiles

If you didn’t know any better, you would think after reading 10 random female profiles on any of the major online dating sites (match, okcupid, pof, etc…) that every woman is living a perfect, worry free and problem free life. Half of the single women have been enlightened and have achieved the blissful state of nirvana, while the other half is on their way there. Every single woman has an extremely busy and exciting life and tons of exotic hobbies. Somehow they have time for yoga, pilates, hiking, biking, tennis and setting up an urban garden. Yet in real life, of course, they barely have time or ability to make time to return their friends’ phone calls.

The annoying thing about the online dating ads is the utter lack of minimal originality that you would expect from any writer. For some puzzling reason, women assume that just because one of the sections of their profile is entitled “About me”, it means that they have to bore  the reader with their biography  – where they were born, where they were raised and where their went to school. Then, they have to mention all the trivial things they like, that everyone else likes. “I love to laugh” or “I love being outdoors, and tavelling.” Really? Who doesn’t? Why not mention that you love to breath too?  “I am as comfortable staying in as I am dressing up and being out?” – why? are there any other options?  Of course, no profile would be “perfect” without bragging. “I am independent, successful, honest, compassionate, easy going, down to earth, drama free, etc….” She only forgot to mention that she has an advanced degree in putting many self-serving adjectives next to “I”.

I don’t expect to read a literary masterpiece when I read a dating profile, but I expect some minimum originality, and you do see that every now and then. Sure, many guys probably don’t even read what women write, but some do and do so very carefully. One way or the other, your writing is an insight into your mind and into your soul, and the last kind of impression you want to make on a reader with your online dating profile is to suggest that you write what everyone else does and that you don’t have a mind of your own.

You are not going to come across as special by buying this amazing dress or these very elegant shoes. Someone else out there alreayd has both and you are not going to be the only one wearing them, but there is a cheaper but much more meaningful way to come across as different – through your writing your dating profile. After all, if guys wanted a boilerplate, they would have gone to Office Depot or Kinko’s.

1 thought on “Online Cliches: Why I Hate Most Women’s Dating Profiles

  1. I love the way they all say they want a “real” man, tired of “fakes” – yet in their pics they’re wearing more make up than a rodeo clown, and got their hair dyed.

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