Foodie is Not a Compliment – Why I Hate Obession with Dining

foodies and obsessions with dining in San FranciscoBeing called a “foodie” is not a big compliment; not to a straight anyway. As refined as you may think your pallet is, food is a basic, fundamental need.  Some people are involved in the food industry professionally – chefs and cooks, food network hosts,  catering  companies, and members of related industries. The rest of us should not be obsessing or spending too much time and other resources on figuring out what and where to eat next.

We all like food that tastes good and cafes and restaurants that have the atmosphere and energy to our liking, but let’s not take it out of proportion. There is more to life than food or at least I would hope that that’s the case for most people. Or… maybe there isn’t in this city? After all, it’s not uncommon for a conversation that start with “Have you been to this new restaurant?” and last for way too long, where one restaurant is named after another. This appears to be one of the more pressing questions on the typical downtown SF agenda?

I like to eat as much as anyone else. I like going to new restaurant that constantly open up all around San Francisco. But, I also recognize that there are other finer things in life and they certainly don’t include “fine dining”. Finer things in life generally include (a) literature and (b) art in all its forms, i.e. music, architecture, sculpture, dancing, live theater, movies,   and other activities that engage and stimulate our mental or spiritual capacity.  I supposed it could be argued that religion is also a form of art.

It appears that too many people in San Francisco are focused way too much on food and dining (and drinking) and are not focused enough on the things that can truly be called as truly finer things in life.

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