The Ultimate Douche Machine

audio douche mobil

Audio Douche Mobile is getting an erection on Polk on a Sunday afternoon.

If BMW has been marketed in California as an ultimate driving machine, it appears that after years of producing classy looking cars, the new genreation of Audi sports cars has firmly established itself as the utlimate douche machine. Everything about it screams “look at me”. The shape, the lines and of course the “in yo’ face” front lights are a clear indicated that the company wants to capture the market of “single professional males” in the city. After all, it is important to pull up in style to the next happy hour at a smelly Irish. I can’t wait for the MLS (mid life crisis) model to finally come out and bless the local, aging douches, who seem to not understand that being cool and being attractive means living and acting like your age. There are pleny of cars that flatter and add to a man of any age. A pseudo-Ferrari rarely does so.I expect that the MLS version package will include a standard, broke Asian girlfriend in her mid to late twenties, whose main hobbies are dining and shopping. I wonder if Mercedes and BMW will come out with similar models in the near future. After all, the SF douche market is certainly there and there is always need for the latest douche mobile.

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