San Francisco’s Perfect Couple

black guy and an asian girl in San Francisco

Perfect black-asian couple downtown.

What makes this couple perfect or at the very least significantly better and better looking than many, if not most others downtown?  Well, the guy combines the best of both worlds. He appears to have the masculine physique and presence of a black male, and the style / mannerisms of a sophisticated, professional white male. He sounded quite articulate as well. This seems to be a far better option than your other San Francisco prototypical guys, which include all kinds of extremes – IT nerds, frat boys and former frat buys, business / sales / law douchebags, cheesy middle eastern guys who make most women roll their yes, Asian guys who no one wants, and Indian guys whose behavior, accent and attempts to act white haveo only one effect on women  – vaginal drought.What about the girl?  – She is Asian. Contrary to the belief of many white girls who have been marginalized by white guy in favor of asian women, this doesn’t mean she is subservient or stays in the kitchen all day. She appears to be elegant and well put together without too much or too little of anything. She has just enough make up, her dress is different without too different, it’s just long enough and short enough to show her sexy legs, leaving plenty for imagination. She is about 5″4, and her body language makes it abundantly clear that she is not frigid. Surely a better option that white/Indian femanatzies with entitlement mentality, sorority and former sorority girls, women who despearately try to stand out form the rest and in all the wrong ways (tattoos, piercings, ridiculosu outfits which scream “look at me” etc.) and cougars.

I am really surprised that I don’t see more of black-on-asian in the city, but perhaps this is something that will become more common in the nearest future. I supposed we shall live and see.

1 thought on “San Francisco’s Perfect Couple

  1. haha, you sure love to make social commentary.

    The fact is that the number of black men like you describe is small, especially in a “black-less” city like San Francisco, and the vast majority of Asian women don’t like black guys.

    After, most of those Middle-eastern, Indian, and Asian guys you make out to be such losers tend to be more successful than most black guys.

    Get your ass out of your head.

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