Why Women Like Super Positive Guys

For the same reason that they create this front of blissfulness, acting way too happy and fake when interacting with others. Because their life is quite monotone and kinna sucks. It’s full of fears, anxieties, and drama for a reason or no good reason whatsoever. How do I know? – The moment of  truth comes when they are alone. They look anything but happy. As a result, most local women are not emotionally strong and stable enough to deal with a guy or keeps it real, who is a realist and who gets dark and cynical when he feels like it. They need someone who will at least try to pull them out of where they really are emotionally. Overpriced wine, yoga classes, and weekend hikes are not going to do it.


maxarine san franciscoFor quite a few years now the idea of decluttering, minimalism, abandoning and detaching from material possessions and valuing experiences more than things has been becoming more and more popular. I very much believe in all this with one significant exception – a home. Being attached to a place – be it your town or your dwelling is very natural and paramount to feeling like you belong to wherever you area.  It’s also essential to achieving the level of mental comfort and happiness that we want.

So many people today, especially in SF, love to refer to themselves as nomads or citizens of the planet. In the city where pretty much everyone has just got here or about to go some place else, it seems that homeless are not the only ones without a “home.”  In a desperate attempt to make their life (appear) interesting, people travel for way too long, trying to find something that they won’t or run away from something that they can’t. Or, they bounce from one city to another after living some place for a few months or year.  I pity them. Traveling and discovery new places is fun, but at what cost?

If I were to ask you where your home is, would you be able to give me a clear and unequivocal answer? – I know I couldn’t.