Ugly Boxes All Around Town

The next generation is going to hate us badly for building a bunch of ugly boxes all around the city. But why wait? – let’s hate on it today, while it’s still freshly painted and full of low end flooring and appliances. I can hear the following conversation:

Daddy, daddy – how come buildings that were built 100 or 200 years ago look so pretty and cool and the ones build 40-50 years ago are so … blah… What happened? 

new condos san francisco

Cunt Me Once Shame On You, Cunt Me Twice Shame On Me

Yesterday, I had the “pleasure” of taking one miserable Lyft ride from Irving to Montgomery. I was picked up by a car that already had one extremely unfriendly looking passenger  – a texting drone of a female kind who didn’t even bother to turn and say hello even  thought I sat right next to her. She got dropped of on Fillmore (what a shock), and another, even more unfriendly cunt was picked up near that location. She got into a car with her huge headphones on without ever taking her eyes off her phone, while trying to set her Pandora station, as if she was getting onto a packed bus or Bart. No, she wasn’t cute. When the second cunt dropped off, I asked the driver why the girls are so damn unfriendly. He chuckled, nodded, sighed, said: “tell me about it.”

The pain of this ride was amplified by the fact that the driver was blasting the Giants game on the radio. I at least hope that the cunts hated the obnoxious baseball commentary radio show as much as I did.