One Simple Exercise For Growing Your Balls Back

pair of tennis ballsHere is an easy and fun exercise to start working on getting your balls back – when you walk by an attractive woman, check her out overtly and turn your whole body while looking at her as(s) she is walking by you. You don’t need to worry about creeping her out in SF. There is a 98.5% completely glued to her phone, so she won’t notice that you are looking at her, or she will act like she didn’t notice. The challenge is for you to be noticed by others around breaking the social norm of not checking out women (i.e. acting like a castrated beta).

At first, it will be a somewhat embarrassing, because no one checks out women anymore (except construction workers and men of darker minorities in general). Be ready to get a few dirty looks not just from the female passers by, but also from the whipped guys around you when you finish looking at a woman and turn back. But with time and practice you will learn to proudly look back at them with the looks that says “Don’t you dare to try to shame me, because I didn’t do anything wrong. These days, in this low-libido town, not looking when you want to might just be a much bigger crime.”

If It Makes You Feel Any Better, Dating In London Seems To Be Just As Pathetic

The women are just as confused with online dating, their “kind of single” life, and act like they are much more attractive than they really are. Of course, this clueless guy doesn’t help the situation by asking random girls out on a date instead of first establishing at least some type of conversation / connection to make them want to go out with him.

Quiet Evening, As Expected

jaded heartIt was a very quiet evening as expected for one obvious reason. All the many singles, who are usually out, are way too embarrassed to be seen without a date / partner, so they would rather just hide. God forbid they put their social status in jeopardy.

Apparently, some of the female, jaded desperados had a galantine day celebration – this is when a bunch of confused girls try to make themselves feel better about being loveless. How cute.