I Have A Better Solution

Let’s fix things once and for all –  let’s just castrate all men and make the following illegal both at and outside of work: any type of compliments about appearance, flirting, prolonged eye contact, and any other gesture that even remotely suggests romantic interest or courtship. Let’s abandon our sexuality in any of its manifestations altogether. Let’s criminalize sexual innuendo in any form, and any sexual jokes, however innocent they might be, so that no workplace is ever fun again. #keepworkplacemiserable

Today’s Teenagers’ Desperate Cry For Cheap Attention Is Everywhere

Today’s teenage girls don’t have much to look forward to in terms of being excited about being approached by boys, being admired, courted, pursued, and complimented. They have heard it all way before they enter their sexual puberty. To say this is sad is a major understatement. I don’t know where this all leads, but it can’t be good.

teenagers attention whoring

I hope taking this picture isn’t yet considered molestation / statutory rape.