The End Of Ruby Skye Is Here

This is yet another clear indicator that the local, club nightlife is dying. Not to say that bringing the East Bay ghetto crowd was necessarily the best it could do, but it has undoubtedly become an iconic dj club over the past 20 years no matter what kind of shady clientele it attracted. Besides, what can you really expect from a place that’s located right in the center of the city and has a huge neon sign?

It appears that the club will be replaced with a music hall and a bowling alley. This sounds like a serious dent to the area’s efforts to be more and more trendy. Lets just hope that the vibe there will be more “real”, unique and down to earth, than just another place for Irish bar type, glorified white trash to congregate and get drunk.

It’s too bad that Slide will be gone too. Not that it was all that great, but it is a cool space that has been known for good parties, especially on weekdays.

ruby skye

50 Shades Of Homogeneity

When you move here from a place that has nothing but strip malls, you are ok with having nothing but generic shit around you. No wonder more and more chains stores pop up downtown.

When your digitalindian engineers at a cafe in san francisco screen is your world, you don’t really need any other world.

When your mind and soul are consumed with paying bills, little or no space is left for anything deeper, more meaningful, and more moving. And no – “fine” dining, and alcohol don’t count.