Men and women, friends and couples, day and night, weekdays and weekends, downtown and elsewhere in town  – all they talk about is work, work, work. “My team” this and “my boss” that. What a blah life. Trips to Tahoe, Napa or event Colombia won’t make up for this otherwise daily, constant grayness of mind and soul.


Three Reasons To Hate On Cabo

  • Terrible, bland food (with limited exceptions). Thank God for Costco & Walmart making their way here. That’s how bad it is.
  • Subpar beach. Swimmable but not the beach to look forward to being at. The gasoline smell from all the boats and water taxis certainly doesn’t help. The sand is way too grainy and the water is far, far from clear.
  • Most importantly  – the place is completely overrun with white trash and bros who are being catered to every which way possible by the kind and hard working locals. As if stealing their land wasn’t enough. If you like to be surrounded by morbidly obese tatted up Americans, roided frat boys, rock music and beer, this might be the place for you. I will take my SF cunts and douchebags over this crowd any day.
gross americans in cabo

It’s not a getaway if that’s what you have to look at all day.

bros in cabo

I can only imagine how bad spring break must be here.